Victory of Samothrace

The “Victory of Samothrace” is an sculpture made in the II. century b.C. In greek it is called Níke tes Samothrákes (Νίκη της Σαμοθράκης), and is a work which belongs to the helenistic period. It has a height of 245 centimetres and it is made with marble, representing the God of the victory, Niké.

It was found in the year 1863 in Samothrace island by  Charles Champoiseau, a french amateur archaeologist. According with  Anne-Cécile Beaudoin, after the restoration of the sculpture, the marble “has go back to reflect the paleness and the subtlety of the blanket´s fold”. ( Beaudoin 2014).

This magnifical work it can be saw in the famous museum Louvre, in Paris, but not with  many polemic, the Victory of Samothrace has been replaced to restore it. The journalist Begoña Castiella, who is the correspondent in Athens, tell the readers, how people wanted to have it back to Greece. (Castiella 2014.)


  • Beaudoin, Anne (2014). El Semanal
  • Castiella, Begoña. (2014).  A la sombra del Acropolis.



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