Architectural Tourism in Bilbao: A very important factor for the Transformation

 Frank Gehry,Antxon OlabeTomas Ondarra ,Elías Más Serra and  Borja Gómez have helped in the analysis  that in the search of his own essence, the transformation that has known Bilbao in the last 15 years is the story of a brilliant success. The villa has happened in just three decades to be a city thick, contaminated and not very attractive, to be a city comparable to European cities more modern and avant-garde. This great tranfomacion has been carried out thanks to all the citizens and to the aid received  from the cultural tourism, gastronomy etc. These Great Artists , have focused on explaining some of which seem to be more visited in the City ,such as the Museum of Guggemheim, the Museum of Bellas Artes and The Theatre of Euskalduna etc that  has been increasing  the transformation of Bilbao thanks to the tourism of the museums and cultural activities. These things are the ones that have helped to make the city becomes more known and with  largest culturally.

 The creation of emblematic buildings in charge of the first-class architects and whose international projection has contributed in a decisive manner to improve the brand image of Bilbao  and also in the changes of the city. In this regard,  ” The building of Frank Gerhy is, without a doubt, a masterpiece, a Impressive spaceship of titanium, dazzles with the audacity of their futuristic impossible geometries, with the changing reflections of light that settles in their rounded surfaces”. The extraordinary Palacio Euskalduna Conference and Music honoring with sober brilliance to the ship building industry of the villa. The elegant and functional metro by Norman Foster.“(Elías Más Serra 2010 Arte y Economía) 

“Modernity becomes, by walking, bicycle, the tram, metro or the bus” (Antxon Olabe,12 August 2006, El País)

“I love the people of Bilbao. I like his personality, is the type of people that you can trust with a hands hake, are very loyal. They liked my building and that made me feel good … I really liked the basque cuisine, then until gaining weight … I like the wine, cod, pacharan and i liked being with them. I can not wait to go back … in my buildings i want the people feel good, comfortable, good-humored, stimulated, inspired. I would like that when they go to listen to a concert the building to help them connect with the musicians”. (Frank Gehry 28 August 2008).

“The city, and for all the neighbors ,have gained spaces and have won over all quality of life, there is less pollution, less noise and more comfort on the go and  in the public transport .”(Beatriz Marcos, Concejal del Ayuntamiento de Bilbao).

Museum of Guggenheim of Bilbao


Frank Gehry is considered as one of the most important architects and influential of the world, and is internationally renowned for its architecture staff, which incorporates new shapes and materials and is particularly sensitive to its environment. The Guggenheim Museum  of Bilbao is one of his best-known works. Gehry has been awarded the most prestigious awards in the field of architecture, including the Pritzker, where he was awarded in 1989 or the Imperial Japanese Prize, which was granted in 1992.When it opened in 1997, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is a spectacular structure made of titanium, limestone and glass,was greeted with glowing praise from critics around the world. Having just past its tenth anniversary, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao has presented more than 90 exhibitions to over ten million visitors.( Elías Más Serra , 2010).


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