Different concepts of beauty around the world

As we all know the concepts of beauty around the world are very different, not just if we compare the different ways in which women put on their make up but also the physical apierence and dressing traditions. A woman can be considered beautiful in a country in particular but if she moved to a different one she might be considered just the opossite, ugly. Between many countries the concept of beauty may just vary depending on a more natural face or having more make up on it but in other cases the traditions have such a strength that you have to force a change on your apperience to be considered beautiful.

Some of the beauty traditions that women follow an i found interesting are:

LONG NECKS (living along the Thai/Burmese border):

For the Pa Dong tribe beauty means having a very very long neck. This effect is produced by circling the neck with rings, from the age of 6, and gradually adding more and more. The only momento in which they are removed is on the girl’s wedding night.


Tattoos are common around the world, but in some countries they form part of some of their traditions. For women from the Maori culture in New Zealand, the tattoos are placed on their lips and chins. The ultimate beauty is to have full blue lips.


Scars may be considered ugly in many countries around the world, and they remind the person who has them attacks suffered in the past , but for Karo girls in southern Ethiopia they are really useful to help them get a husband. When they are young girls, the skin on their stomach is cut to create scars, and when they have enough they are considered ready for marriage.


The western media promotes thinness as desirable, but in many other cultures, big is most definitely beautiful. In many African countries, such as Mauritania and Nigeria, a skinny woman would be pitied. In fact, women are fed as much as possible to make them more beautiful.


This time not for girls! In many Central African tribes ,during festivals, men compete to attract a wife, and are judged on their beauty and singing and dancing skills, but mostly on their make-up, which women find really atractive.


Instead of accentuating their lips with lipstick, some African and Amazonian tribes consider that beauty is achieved by stretching the lip. They make a hole, which is gradually increased by inserting larger plates. In some cases, they may need some teeth removed to accommodate the plate.


Balinese people submit to a rather extreme treatment. They have some of their teeth filed, which is meant to remove vices like arrogance. It was also practiced among the Upoto tribe in Africa, and among Aborigines.


In China, to achieve the effect of tiny feet, the bones were broken before binding, thus causing the woman a lifelong pain and suffering from walking difficulties.

So as we have seen there are many beauty traditions in different countries all over the world that may only be found beautiful for the ones who share it. At the end we can see that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

An actual experiment was made for knowing more about beauty by a journalist called Esther Honig who asked graphic designers from more than 20 countries to photoshop a photo of herself in order to make her “beautiful” . This experiment was made to get a glimpse of how the world thinks about beauty.


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