The Alhambra, one space for the memories

La Alhambra is located in the city of Granada in Andalucia, Spain. Among the history it has be the point of a good amount of discusses and stories that happened inside its walls.

The arquitecture of this emblematic building, according to Silvia Perez, “Alhambra catches you, the colours are magical and its views are going to estay in the mind of the viewers for aal their lives.”  The Catholic kings, conquered the alhambra in 1492 and here started the race of preserving this marvelous of the arquitecture. Nicolas Peñalver, (Peñalver, 1812 september), reminded that its “tablaos” and in its paths were the place of many festivals, music concerts and dance concerts… etc of that period of time.

The historian Gomez Moreno (1912-1918) was one of the first responsibles of raising the pavement the Alhambra to start some sanitation labours. “Al hacerse estas obras de saneamiento, se hallaron dos muros estrechos y paralelos en la dirección del eje mayor del patio, uno a cada lado y a alguna distancia de las columnas de las galerías laterales lejos del pabellón de levante, lo que supone que hubo edificaciones anteriores”  Gomez Moreno , Manuel. (1912-1914). this anotation was completed with the following appreciation: “No se hallaron raíces, que demostraba no había habido en el patio grandes árboles“.

Themes like the prohibid loves of the Moraima Queen was found in the literature books that were inside the main building of the Alhambra and this art (literature), connected with the “almoravide” style of the building creates a wonderful place in where legends live hundred of years ago.


  • Peñalver  (1812) . Alhambra
  • Gomez Moreno , Manuel. (1912-1914). La alhambra y el Generalife 


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